Karen Saarinen, Pack and Move Downsizing Specialist – QUITE SIMPLY

QUITE SIMPLY is owned and operated by Karen Saarinen.  Karen worked as an office manager and executive legal assistant for over 20 years.  Tired of the cubicle world, she began helping friends and neighbors organize their homes and offices.  To support herself during the transition, she also worked as a caregiver for terminally ill patients and elders with dementia.  And she loved it.  The two tracks soon merged and now much of her time is spent working with the chronically ill and elders to design and implement living environments which are simplified, spiritually uplifting and appropriate to the changes in their lives.

Karen obtained a B.A. from Russell Sage College and did her graduate work in psychology at Sonoma State University.  She has taken workshops and seminars on both elder issues and organizing techniques (including working with hoarders).

Karen is on-site for all projects.  She works alone or builds a team depending on the size and scope of the tasks.

You can reach her at:  kmsaari@ap.net or (707) 876-3502

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