Joyce Webber, Geriatric Case Manager – WHEN PARENTS AGE

WHEN PARENTS AGE services are provided by Joyce Webber, Geriatric Case Manager. For the past 20 years Ms. Webber has been actively involved in the lives of older adults and their families.

She is an advocate for empowering older adults by directly involving them in continuing to make their own life decisions. This attitude creates and encourages a sense of independence in the older person. Ms. Webber served as a Senior Peer Counselor with Older Adult Services, Sonoma County Department of Mental Health Services and was an Associate of Healthcare Management for four years.

She has led workshops for adult children and she provides mediation services for her clients working with family issues.

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 As our parents age we find ourselves taking on responsibilities concerning their care with which we have no experience. Our lives become focused around our parents’ issues. Questions about their physical health, safety and security in their home and their social well-being seem to shift to our shoulders. Often, these increased responsibilities, on top of an already full schedule of careers, family and social obligations, lead to frustration and limit our effectiveness in dealing with our parents’ changing needs.


Your case manager is there when you cannot be there.

Coordinated services offered:

  • Assessment of physical, social and emotional needs
  • Services implemented and coordinated
  • Services monitored on an on-going basis

Case Management services begin with an in-home assessment of physical, social and emotional needs. Medical history is reviewed as are current medications. A care plan is developed and customized services are put in-place in order to insure the safety and well being of the older person.

If caregiving services are needed we will match the caregiver’s skill level and personality to the needs of your relative. Once the care plan is in-place we monitor the client and caregiving team on a one-time a week basis with home visits. More frequent visits are scheduled if needed.

We accompany your relative to physician appointments and update the care plan as directed. The family is updated to all medical appointments and home visits.

We provide 24/7 support to your relative, the caregivers, as well as the family. Referrals to community resources are made as needed.


The same assessment is made and a care plan is developed. Caregivers are scheduled and put in-place to meet your relative’s needs.

Once the care plan is established the family acts as the on-going manager.

We are available for consultation and for updating the care plan as needed.

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WHEN PARENTS AGE Geriatric Resources
provides services which make it possible for you to assist your parent
through these transitional stages of aging while maintaining the balance of your
own life.

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Contact for more information:

Telephone:          (707) 874-9039
Cell:                      (707) 235-0279
Fax:                       (707) 874-9249
Address:               P.O. Box 1013, Forestville, CA   95436

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