get (1)Experiencing Caregiver Burn-Out? Are you in Need of Support? 

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Family Caregivers!  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Are you wondering if you can make it through another day of providing care and support for loved ones?  Most of us are familiar with the pre-flight instructions after we’ve boarded an airplane, telling us to “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”, that if you are to pass out you aren’t going to be able to help anyone, least of all yourself!  This same theory applies to you, the caregiver providing services to your loved ones.

My own experience of caregiving has guided me to want to help others going through this difficult life passage.  My ability to listen with my heart and find solutions to a wide range of challenges facing caregivers is my life’s work.

Life coaching provides a lifeline of emotional support needed at this confusing and often frightening time.  My life coaching skills and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology provided me the valuable training to be able to offer you a safe place to share your feelings as well as to help you problem solve the many issues inherent in being a caregiver.  Caregivers often experience burnout, isolation and struggle to cope with the daily demands of caregiving.  It is a 24/7 job that can raise havoc with the caregiver’s own physical, emotional and psychological well-being regardless of age or gender.  This is where I step in, to be that “port in the storm” to get you through what I feel is the most difficult job you’ll ever do!

As the stress piles up, frustration and despair can take hold and burnout becomes a very real danger.  Often it takes a nudge from a friend or relative seeing your situation to provide the impetus for you to reach out.  I’ll help you to set healthy boundaries for yourself as you begin to learn what your limits are, how much of yourself and your time you can realistically give.

Reaching out for love and support for yourself on a daily basis is essential for you to have the physical and emotional stamina required for caring for your loved one. I know that reaching out sometimes feels like more time, energy and attention than you can spare.  I help caregivers learn to explore ways to stay resilient, to ask for help to get the respite care needed to allow you to continue providing care.

Bette Collier is a Certified Life Coach with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.  She owns Life Coach Support for Family Caregivers and can be reached at (707) 583-8460 or her cell phone (707) 318-6189, or by email at


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