About ECP

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Locally owned and operated! That’s us!

Elder Care Professionals of Sonoma County is a consortium of elder care professionals in Sonoma County, California, providing the best in geriatric services.  Our businesses are independently owned and operated.  We collaborate through advocacy, education, and referrals to provide the best possible solutions to challenges facing seniors and their families.

A Word from our founder, Nancy Allen:

I’ve always been a huge supporter of locally-owned & locally-operated businesses! This mind-set is one of the reasons I started ELDERCARE PROFESSIONALS OF SONOMA COUNTY seven years ago.

I was seeing that BIG BUSINESS had found Sonoma County. Even more pronounced, was that the INTERNET had found the once intimate world of ELDERCARE! New careers were being launched, and new people were entering those new careers. To a long-time volunteer/advocate/educator in the Sonoma County ElderCare field I found this both exciting and disconcerting. Career-minded people became experts after a weekend seminar…or became authorities after experiencing problems with their elderly relatives. The community was receiving limited and sometimes inaccurate information. Some of my clients (adult children of aging parents) came to me after ‘consulting’ with well-meaning, but misinformed ‘professionals’. They were in the midst of making life-changing decisions for their elders, but being guided by people who “didn’t-know what they didn’t know”.

So…I gathered a group together…people I had worked closely with over the years. They are like-minded business owners…locally-owned and locally-operated. They are the ELDERCARE PROFESSIONALS OF SONOMA COUNTY. I trust them to provide quality services to my clients. Clients I’ve been serving for the past 20 years.

My speciality is assisting families in locating licensed facilities that can meet the elder’s needs as well as care for them in a loving way. After determining that their elderly relative can no longer stay in their home my clients find me via word-of-mouth…through a mutual friend; a local doctor; an agency in the community, or a former client. There is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that other people in the community are familiar with my services; that they can meet with me face-to-face, and that I am more than a web-site, an 800 number, or a listing on Craig’s List. Most important…they know that my experience in the eldercare field is long-standing.

Now we’re back to the locally-owned-and-operated issue! So…if you share this mind-set…you’ll REALLY value the idea of ‘shopping’ for senior services locally. Your quest will be made easier by calling one of the ELDERCARE PROFESSIONALS OF SONOMA COUNTY. You’ll like talking to a real person. You’ll like the fact that we’re neighbors. You’ll REALLY like the idea that the life-changing decisions you’re facing can be supported by not only locally-owned, but also locally- known team of trusted professionals.


Please do NOT post comments of a personal nature as this is a public blog. Contact the professional privately by telephone or email.

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