Organizing tip: Redo your mom’s closet, then redo your own!

 Here’s an organizing tip:

If you want to give your mom (and her care givers) a quick and easy boost, reorganize her clothes closet.  Do this for your mom, then do it for yourself. 

When I move an elder, I always try to find time to redo the clothes closet.  This helps them find their clothes more easily.  Getting dressed each day is not such a chore and can become great fun. 

The very first thing I do is get rid of all the wire coast hangers.  They are the worst!  Most cleaners will recycle them for you.  Then I put like things together in categories:  all the pants, skirts, dresses, long dresses and robes, sweaters, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops.  I re-hang the clothes on consistent hangers – for jackets and tops, they can be plastic, wood or plastic tubular.  Pants and skirts go on hangers designed for them. 

 But, again, make sure the two sets of hangers are the same!   This is key!  Using consistent hangers will allow the clothes to slide easily on the rod.  You can get a lot more in the closet too.  If you scour your favorite thrift stores, you can probably collect consistent hangers at a very reasonable price.

Re-hang all the clothes by category, donating items that are no longer worn.  Step back and love the new closet. 


My SIL wrote:  I’ve been meaning to thank you for our Christmas gift! It was so, so funny how it all went down.  First, I thought that you must have lost your mind for sending so many hangers.  Then I thought, oh my gosh, she’s WAY more fussy then I ever THOUGHT of being! How is that possible?

Nathaniel and Becky (her kids) said, why don’t we just do the coat closet and see how it is?

Well, let me tell you – it looked sooooo much better that I went to EVERY closet in the house and reorganized and got rid of and eliminated and changed it ALL to your wooden hangers. Now I stand in the closets and gaze upon the difference it’s made! What an unexpected boon to experience!

So, after all the jokes and speculation and surprise, I thank you for the extra touch that revolutionized my orderliness. I’ll never go back! Nope, no more riff-raff for the likes of me or my closets! It’s crazy what a difference it made!

Many, many thanks, Karen.


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