Choosing a Downsizing or Pack and Move Service

How I Am Different from Other Downsizing Services

Recently several local women have started businesses providing downsizing services for elders.  Usually, these services provide consultation about what to keep and how to arrange things in the new place, but they do not do the actual packing and moving.  Sub-contractors are hired to perform those services.  Often these women have started their businesses shortly after providing services to an elderly relative and attending a couple of weekend seminars.

My service is different in that I am “on the job” from start to finish and participate in the pack and move activities.  I have had many years experience helping people with physical and cognitive disabilities relocate and have been very successful with them.   The ability to relate effectively with the elderly client and the primary care giver is very important in a move of this nature.

In a small move (one or two rooms), we rent a truck and hire a laborer for help.  On larger moves, I recommend that the client hire professional movers.  If the client desires, I can make arrangements for movers.  On moving day all items have been staged according to destination.  I workwith the movers to make sure the right things get into the truck and come out again.

I advise against having the moving company pack.  In all my cases, I have packed with help from my assistant or laborers when needed.  I label all boxes and containers very clearly. I sort everything before it goes into a box and like things go together.  Moving companies do not do this and, as a result, unpacking becomes a frustrating and time-consuming process.

I can arrange to make small truckloads of deliveries of items to anywhere in the Bay Area.  I recommend that large deliveries or valuable items be transported by professional movers.

I usually participate with the client and family in deciding what goes and what stays.  I prepare detailed floor plans for the new place.  I measure everything before deciding to move it.  I can also take care of turning off and turning on the various utilities.  We do the complete set up in the new home:  kitchen, bathroom, clothing, installing electronics, etc.

I also do cleanouts at the old place.  We usually arrange for a dumpster, sort everything and review all found paperworkand valuables.  Anything with questions are presented to the client.  We make it “broom clean” after disbursement of all items.

My rate depends on the difficulty and length of the job.  The longer the job, the lower the hourly charge.

Karen Saarinen

Quite Simply -Professional Organizing of Paper and Things

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